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Events Information & Sign Ups

Ongoing Events (check the latest newsletter for more information): 

- Women's Shiur (monthly), Men's Shiur (weekly), Sunday Morning Women's Jogging Group

- Monthly shul-wide Celebration Kiddush

- Visits from various communities, schools and non-profit organizations


Additional Events:

- Yom Kippur 2019:

  1. Chazan: If you or your guest would like to be a chazan and/or lein for Ahavat Shalom on Yom Kippur, please email 

  2. Seats: If you are attending Ahavat Shalom for Yom Kippur, please buy and reserve your seats by clicking here. Please submit payment one of the following three ways: 

    Chase Quickpay (;

    Venmo (@Ahavat-Shalom);

    Mail check (P.O. Box 595 Teaneck NJ 07666);

- Sukkot 2019:

  1. Historically, Ahavat Shalom has not provided minyanim for First Days of Sukkot and Shabbat Chol HaMoed. If you are interested in Ahavat Shalom minyanim for those days, please reach out to the Board. 

  2. Volunteers are needed to build sukkahs! Reach out to your complex VP to find out when your complex sukkah is being built!

  3. Arba Minim will be available for purchase through the shul. Stay tuned for details.

- Mystery Shabbat 2019 - Date TBD.

Sun, August 18 2019 17 Av 5779