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Teaneck Jewish Community Map (in progress)

Contact info for all apartment complexes is inside the map - click on the building, and a popup with details will appear!

The Teaneck community is rich with resources for an observant Jewish population. With a variety of Jewish day care facilities, schools, synagogues, organizations, and kosher restaurants, you will feel right at home in Teaneck, regardless of your background.


Teaneck Mikvah

1726 Windsor Road | Teaneck NJ, 07666

201-837-8220 |


To check the status of the eruv call (Fridays only): 201-530-0222

Moving on from the Apartments - Local Property Taxes

You live in an apartment and your $4000 annual property tax bill is bundled into your rent payment - so what is the cost of living around town?

See this map created by the shul.



Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784